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Author: mr_w (Hits 4508)
Deciding what tools and spares to take depends on where you are going and for how long. The quantity of tools and spares required for a day trip is vastly different to that required for an extended expedition into the remote areas of the mid-west or the deep woods of Canada or the Moab. A common problem with a long distance 4x4 trip is overloading of vehicles...
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Author: mr_w (Hits 4194)
By far, the best jack for four wheel drives is the Hi-lift type. It can lift virtually any vehicle and, with the aid of chains, it can be used as a winch...
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Author: mr_w (Hits 2847)
Most offroad driving is a matter of common sense and, often, seat of the pants intuition. The first rule is never to drive faster than is absolutely necessary, and to take obstacles at a slow and steady pace. This, with minor exceptions, will carry you through tough situations more easily than charging the obstacle. And charging obstacles will certainly damage your vehicle, perhaps terminally. In remote places, your life depends on your vehicle, so treat it with respect...
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Author: mr_w (Hits 58253)
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